Phonology [Under Construction]

Want to know how to teach a child to read? You'll need to know this stuff, first.

Blend: A phonology term referencing two (or more) consonants that, when placed together in a word, each keep their own sound. For example, the word stop has four unique sounds, /s/, /t/, /o/, and /p/.

Digraph: A phonology term that refers to two (or more) consonants that make one sound. Example: ship or them.

Diphthong: A phonology term that refers to two (or more) vowels placed together that make one sound (not two distinct sounds.) Example: mouse or boy.

Phonological Awareness: One's understanding that our spoken language is made up of individual words, and that those words are made up of individual sounds, called phonemes.

R-Controlled Vowels: A phonology term referencing a vowel that changes sounds when grouped with a consonant. Example: bird.