*About This Site

About this Site

This site (originally titled Mr. Wright's Virtual Office) can trace its origin to around 2008, although I don't know for sure exactly what year this really took root. It began partially as a way for me to collect the many Web 2.0 resources I was discovering at the time and keep them in one place. A few years later, I used this site as a place for me to upload a few of the presentations and other essays I was making for my graduate classes; I figured if I was doing the work I might as well share it with others to see. The content I create now mostly lives in the popular topics section of this site, although admittedly it doesn't get updated very often. I find myself entrenched in my professional and family life and don't devote much time to updating this site anymore.

I was still a greenhand when first bought the WrightPsych.com domain, yet I was quickly learning that even the tenured teachers had many misconceptions about dyslexia, grade retention practices, and what school psychologists actually do. I formed an opinion then that I still hold today: there are many myths and half-truths in educational circles. Having experience in education does not mean you have the answers in education.

I began to dream: If only there was a method by which a young school psychologist could find existing research, analyze it, collect it, put it in one place, and then share those findings electronically with the professionals with whom he worked??

I designed this site as a place where school psychologists (and many parents, teachers, administrators) can start demystifying the process of special education.

Even today, I continue to get messages from readers asking for help. On the other end of the spectrum, I also helped a graduate student answer some questions in her university class. I can't guarantee that this site (or myself in general) will be able to help you. I hope you can find something useful here, but it you don't at least you didn't spend any money on some psuedoscience like Brain Gym.

About the Author

I'll break the standard English Composition rules and begin an autobiography by just stating my name. My name is Jason Wright. I am a licensed school psychologist and special education administrator working in the state of Kansas. This site is a personal project of mine; the typos and grammatical errors can only be attributed to me. I don't have a proofreader and my staff all have four legs and work for pet treats; they aren't much good at editing.

In my professional career, I've been blessed to work in public and parochial schools in both Kansas and Texas. While I have never worked in an "urban" setting, I have had experience working in largely populated high schools (2000+ students) to small K-8 buildings (less than 150 students total). I believe these experiences help me to provide a fairly well-rounded view of how schools can operate in many different communities with differing resources and needs. I now supervise special education programs across dozen school districts in a geographic region larger than 5 states in the USA. I have also worked in several types of school districts: independently ran school districts, cooperatives, and service centers.

I have previously served as the Southeast Regional Representative for the Kansas Association of School Psychologists.

My educational background is slightly different than many school psychologists. I have a teaching degree, and began my university studies to become an elementary teacher. As you're probably aware, male elementary teachers are far less common than their female colleagues. Of the men that enter the teaching profession, far fewer decide to become a school psychologist.

I grew up on five-acres in rural Columbus, KS. I was very actively involved in the Kansas 4-H program, and fully support the mission of 4-H today. My father died of a brain tumor when I was 17.

I have professional teaching/psychology licenses in Kansas, Texas, and Florida.

Looking for a way to communicate with me? Check out my social media platforms on the Contact page.

A Disclaimer about WrightPsych.com:

While I make an effort to provide factual and practical information, I reject any liability regarding legal issues in special education. If you need help in a specific case, I suggest you request help from the intervention team or IEP team within your school.