Free Presentations and Writings

As a school psychologist, I'm often asked to give my professional opinion on a variety of popular topics. I can usually provide enough information "off the cuff" to satisfy the person needing information about special education and related services. However, there are other times when a more formal review of literature is needed to satisfy the request for information.

I like to give presentations at school inservice or professional development events. I have decided to post some of my presentations and formal writings with you, my readers. On this page, I am providing free copies of presentations and reports that I have made during my professional or academic career. I encourage you to distribute these works to other parents or educators who may find them useful.

There are no charges for these materials. However, I do ask that you kindly credit me as the author of the materials. You'll typically see a list of resources that I've used to collect my information at the end of these presentations or documents; please give me the same courtesy.

To protect my works, I have decided to not post the original files. I am posting only .pdf file copies of my original work. You have access to the same information as in the original work, other than loss of any audio/video media that may have been present in the original work. Please contact me if you wish to have access to these resources and we may be able to come to an agreement.

With all of that said, please take a look at the files I have posted below. I hope you will find something useful.

[Last updated 2/21/2016]