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When I began this website, I wanted to make a place online that was specifically for school psychologists, teachers, and parents. You can read more of the history/purpose of the website here.

Much has changed since that journey began. At the time, the overarching law guiding public education was the No Child Left Behind Act. Fast forward to today, and NCLB has been replaced with the Every Child Succeeds Act. Things change.

One thing that hasn't changed is my focus on providing my insight on many popular topics relating to special education and school psychology.

However, I recognize that these existing webpages may not meet your needs. In order for me to best serve my readers, I need to know what you would like to read. I've included the following form for you to complete, anonymously if you desire, to suggest some potential topics for discussion on this site. The more specific your questions are, the better chance that I'll be able to address exactly what you'd like to know. If you have a question about something, there's a good chance someone else wants to know the answer, too.

You may also contact me directly if you don't want to complete this form.