January 2015 Board Meeting Notes

Post date: Jan 11, 2015 4:10:32 AM

It's Saturday, January 10th, 2015 and I'm home from the annual KASP Board "retreat". The retreat officially starts the new year for the KASP organization and also is a time for the Board to look back on the successes we have had in the previous year. We welcomed two new faces to the KASP Board, and a few of our current members took new roles within the Board. As for me, I am remaining your Southeast Kansas Regional Director, and I look forward to continuing to serve in this role.

I have taken a few moments to type of some unofficial notes from the meeting. I hope that you are able to review these notes and take pride in knowing that KASP is working hard to serve school psychologists and students in Kansas.

  • Fall 2014 Conference Review

    • Many attendees who used purchase orders have not paid. Currently about $5,600 still unpaid. Most of that money has been invoiced and payment should be coming soon.

    • Hotel costs were $12,000.

    • Overall conference rating was 4.43 (out of 5)

    • Common suggestions for future topics/presentations: autism identification training (AIT), assessment-specific training (such as new WISC-V training), tips for evaluating low SES or ESOL populations, neuropsychology, practical intervention ideas

  • Future Convention Locations, Dates, and Speakers of Note

    • Spring 2015 – May 15th

    • Fall 2015 – Kansas City – October 8th and 9th – Melisa Reeves and Stephen Brock

    • Fall 2016 – Manhattan – October 13th and 14th – Sam Ortiz

    • Fall 2017 – Lawrence – October 5th and 6th

    • Fall 2018 – Unconfirmed, but likely in Wichita

  • The updated constitution and board member duties aren’t online. They need to be available. Webmaster will correct this.

  • The Board should create a “new board member” packet of information. New board members really don’t get any information about their duties until January. They were elected in October. That’s a fair amount of time they could be serving KASP, but they don’t know the roles. New member packets will introduce board member to their roles prior to first board meeting.

  • New members met with their predecessors. I met with the other regional directors. We discussed the process of locating our constituents and the possible need to redraw the regional boundaries.

  • The Board needs to write a better description of the Executive Manager position.

  • The Board needs to get new board members access to social media accounts (if the Board member will need to post information on social media.)

  • Past President: Lead the Board in a presentation about “One Way and Two Way” information sharing.

  • NASP Delegate: wants to organize a “Kansas Night” for anyone attending NASP in Orlando this year. If you’re going, let her know so that she can tell you where to meet the Kansas delegation.

  • Regional Directors:

    • SEK – First regional meeting report. 43 attendees, which was 2x more than the goal. Most attendees were very pleased and encouraged by the meeting.

    • NEK – Lawrence will host a regional meeting.

    • Regional Directors again mentioned wanting to redraw the regional boundaries. SEK Director has already started this process. All Directors will collaborate via email to propose new divisions.

  • The Board reviewed progress on our strategic plans. We have accomplished the majority of our goals. Some yet to be accomplished by Spring 2016.

  • Several free trainings are available for regions or individual districts. Examples include: GLSEN, Autism Society of the Heartland, and the Down Syndrome Guild of Kansas City.