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KASP: Southeast Region Information

If you're looking for information regarding the happenings at the state level of school psychology in Kansas, you've come to the right place.  I'm happy and honored to serve as your southeast regional representative on the KASP Executive Board.  I'll try to keep this page updated as your "go-to" source for KASP information for Southeast Kansas.

The southeast Kansas region of KASP is composed by 10 hiring agencies.  These 10 agencies currently serve the 49 school districts within our region.  (Technically, some of these agencies actually also have districts which are served in the Northeast and Central regions of the state.... but we're not going to count them here.)

2016 Winter Board Meeting Notes

posted Jan 18, 2016, 8:23 PM by Jason Wright   [ updated Feb 1, 2016, 6:30 PM ]

This post is an account of the actions taken by the KASP Executive Board during the 2016 Winter Board meeting.  If you haven't already found it, I suggest you take a quick read of my previous post which outlines the general purpose of the KASP Retreat.  The post you're reading now is much more specific about the discussions and actions taken by the Board.  These are not the official meeting minutes, as those will not be available until our next meeting (Spring 2016) after they are read by the secretary and approved by the Board.

Friday Night (1/15/2016)
  • Officer Reports
    • President (Ashley) 
      • Called the meeting to order at 20:12.
    • Secretary (Susan)
      • Read the minutes of the Fall Board meeting. 
      • A few minor grammatical errors were noted, and the minutes were approved.
    • Treasurer (Jaime)
      • Distributed reimbursement forms to Board members. 
      • The KASP Board members get reimbursements for mileage and 1/2 of the cost of hotel room.
      • Board members also get certain meal costs paid in advance (the dinner preceding this meeting and the lunch planned for Saturday are paid by KASP.)
    • Past President (Andy)
      • Gave a brief farewell speech, in which he thanks the board for the 8 years of service he's seen as a Board member. 
      • Andy also noted that he wants to again be involved with the KASP Board, but there no open positions currently which he could fill.
    • President (Ashley)
      • Discussion about children's fund collected at the Fall Conference. Donations were lower this year.  We typically collect $200-250, but this year we only collected $97.
      • The Board voted to round the donation to $100 and submit the money to NASP.  Andy volunteered the $3 difference.
    • President Elect (Kyle)
      • Nothing to report
    • Secretary (Susan)
      • Nothing to report (already gave the secretary's report from the last meeting).
    • Treasurer (Jaime)
      • Will wait till tomorrow to give the financial status of KASP.
      • Noted that if you complete the reimbursement forms that evening, she'll get the reimbursement check written by Saturday.
    • Communications Director (Brandi)
      • Brandi noted that she's received a couple ideas for nominees for several KASP awards, but there is still plenty of time to submit other more names. 
      • She notes that the new submission system is working better than the past; already have more nominations than we had by the cut off date last year. 
      • Discussion followed about how to better publicize the award submission process; Kathy said she'd like to see it as an ongoing newsletter item.  Andy said it's currently on the website, but it's not easily accessible.
      • Discussion about needing a committee to help decide the award winner. 
      • Brandi noted that award nominations are kept on file, so that they may be considered the next year, if anyone wants to nominate them again.  In this case, the nominator won't need to submit all information again, but only add new information to the original nomination.
    • Executive Director (Keely)
      • Not present.
      • (Kelly's husband, Jim, was recently involved in a vehicle accident.  She is taking care of him at home.)
    • Editor (Patty)
      • Not present.
    • Associate editor (Kathy)
      • The newsletter has not been sent out (published online). 
      • Kathy notes that she wants to get more recurring items in the newsletter. 
      • Kathy asked Kyle for the President's Message for the next edition.
    • Regional Directors
      • Central Region (Judy)
        • Judy did not attend the meeting, but did share information with Kyle beforehand. 
        • Kyle shared that the Central Region held their first regional meeting (at least for a few years).  There was a good response.
      • Northeast Region (Lisa)
        • Not present. No report.
      • Southeast (Jason)
        • Held 11/12, in the middle of School Psych Awareness Week.
        • 24 people attended, plus 3 speakers.  One speaker discussed Functional Analysis Assessment, one speaker discussed dyslexia and treatments for reading disorders, and the third speaker discussed crisis intervention.
        • Jason also shared that he had survey results from the meeting which he would distribute tomorrow for the Board to review.
      • Western (Dave)
        • Not present.  No official report.
        • Kyle did report that the Western region did have a regional meeting this year.  This makes the 3rd year in a row!
    • NASP Delegate (Jim)
      • Not present.  No report.
      • (As mentioned earlier, Jim has recently been injured and not able to come.)
    • SPAN (Betsy)
      • Reports that she sends out the information as she receives it from NASP. 
      • Betsy noted that the new website will help to share information.
    • Conference Chair (Judy)
      • Passed out a typed report. 
      • Very few poor ratings on the speakers on fall 2015 convention.  However, there were problems with the hotel and we won't be going back. 
      • Judy suggested that we may try to spend the next few years in the center of the state for future convention locations.  We've been in the Northeast region for a while.
      • Karen Apgar will be the speaker during the upcoming Spring conference.  It will be more of a workshop format, especially in the afternoon. 
      • The "call for presentations" for the Fall 2016 conference will go out in February.
      • Judy submitted a proposal for her position as the Conference Chair.  (The Board has previously asked her to submit a position description).  She noted that many things have changed over the years from when she took the position.
      • Judy submitted her verbal notice for resignation within 2-3 years.  Judy said she would continue until after Kathy's year as President. 
      • Discussion followed about how much knowledge Judy has about conference preparation, and how it will be difficult to find a replacement.  Ashley stated that the function of the Board cannot be dependent on who is on the Board.  It was noted that KASP needs to have a plan in place for offices (this the reason for written position descriptions and standard operating procedures.  KASP needs to be sustainable.
    • University Trainer Representative (Jennifer)
      • Jennifer thanked the board for allowing her to serve this year.  She will continue to support KASP and NASP.  She has worked to solidify her relationships with other university trainers.
      • Kyle reported that KU will be serving as the host of the University Trainer and Student Representative during his tenure as present.  He has been in contact with KU and is working to secure a new University Trainer and Student Representative.   Kyle noted that he also has a back-up trainer representative, in case the primary is unable to commit.
      • Jennifer will work with them to ensure that the transition is better for the next time. 
    • Student Representative (Alyssa)
      • Alyssa did not attend in person, but was able to attend via video conference.
      • Alyssa thanked the board for the great learning opportunity.
  • Old Business
    • Regional redistricting.  Ashley reminded the Board that we had previously discussed the possibility of creating new regional boundaries which are more congruent with cooperative/interlocal district boundaries. 
    • Ashley asked Jason to start on that process, since it was Jason who brought up the issue before. Jason agreed to make a proposal and have it ready by the Spring Board meeting. 
    • Jason also suggested a listing of which district falls into which region; a list in spreadsheet form would be more useful than the map we're currently using.  Several members agreed this list format would also be useful.
Meeting recessed at 21:17.

1/16/2016 (Saturday)
  • New Business
    • President (Ashley)
      • Called the meeting to order at 08:16.
      • Passed the President's gavel to Kyle.  Paused for a photo opportunity.  (The photo Jason took is below).  The official photo was published on the KASP Facebook page.
      • Ashley also proposed a new "Presidential Award." Ashley explained it would go to a person that the President found to go above and beyond the expectations held of their position on the Executive Board.  Everyone agreed to create this award.  Ashley promptly gave the inaugural Presidential Award to Brandi. 
    • Treasurer's Report (Jaime)
      • We are down a little money since this time last year.
      • Typed treasurer's report was shared. 
      • Our $50,000 CD matured this year and was reinvested at 1.5% interest.  Jaime noted this is expected to earn about $800 in interest per year.
      • Discussion about membership fees. 
        •  Although the Board had previously agreed to raise the dues, through closer review of our Constitution and Bylaws, the Board realized such a change must be approved by the general assembly.  In order to change the membership dues, it must be put to a vote by the general membership.  It was discussed that the most convenient way to complete this task will be to send out an electronic ballot.
        • Even if we raise the dues by $20 per year, KASP would still have the lowest fees in the nation. 
      • Discussion of budget.
        • Jaime asked to see if there are budget lines which need to be adjusted. 
        • Web development will be increased to $5,200, an increase of $700 per year.  This is in alignment with the additional funds which will be needed to pay for two websites for a while. 
        • All other line items were approved without changes.
      • Discussion about reimbursement of the Executive Manager for conferences. 
        • Board voted to approve these costs, especially since the Conference Chair is reimbursed.  Vote passed.  Also will be utilizing contracts for these positions in the future.
  • President (Kyle)
    • Kyle asked Jennifer to begin the discussion about Strategic Planning for KASP.
      • Jennifer began the discussion about the challenges of being a new board member.  The following is a condensed version of Jennifer's facilitation and Board discussion.  The entire Strategic Planning session took over three hours, so a detailed account is not reposted here.
        • There are personal connections which help, as are guidance documents, as are getting started at the base of something new. However, new Board members still need guidance.
        • Jennifer posed a question: how often is the strategic plan reviewed? 
        • A budget should be based on the strategic plan, not just how it's been done in the past.
        • KASP has previously purchased USB drives for each Board Member position, but these drives are now missing in many cases, rending them obsolete.  The Board will move toward a Google Drive account to pass on the documents and needed information for Board positions.
        • Jennifer posed another question: What is a strategic plan?  Board members gave thoughts about the purpose of a strategic plan.
        • Discussion about ESSA and how the new laws impact school psychs.  Must advocate legislators to protect/expand our role in schools.
        • Jennifer posed other questions: What does KASP mean to our members?  What do we do?  Host conferences. Offer PD options.  Support students. Maintain professional guidance systems.  Prepare our members for potential legislative action, although not recently.  Now have a connection with Colleen Riley at KSDE. 
        • KASP should not be seen as advocating just for our profession, but for the students we serve.  It will take more than just Board members to make changes at the state level; need to involve all KASP members.  Do general members know what the strategic plan means/is?  
        • Jennifer proposed another question: What do you want membership to say about KASP?  What will our priorities be? 
        • Jennifer noted that revising an existing strategic plan can be more difficult than writing a plan from scratch.  We looked at a list of ideals and determined the perspectives with which we most identified.  Most everyone said that vision without action is pointless.  What does the general membership of KASP think the Board does?
        • Ashley proposed that some KASP members attend a the Kansas school administrators conference and present about what we do to the state leaders.  She also spoke about "PD Packages" that her district uses to give to admins information about ways to address specific needs within the district.  Kathy echoed that her district psychs gave presentations for their schools about the evaluation process.
        • Question to consider: how is our action related to our mission? Discussion about how KASP's organization and structure was very weak in 2006.  We have rebuilt since then, and now ready to move onward.
        • Continued to strategic theme development.  Promotion of the profession and promotion of our supportive systems to members.  Priorities are communication and action.  Must be data driven.  Accountability.  Continue to be focused on students. 
        • Discussion about what board members should be doing - advocating for kids or the profession? Service on the board should be based on needs of the region, not necessarily our personal opinions.  It can be difficult to serve on the Board if our constituents have strong opinions rather than our own personal opinions.
        • Review the SAFE-R results.  New members (and returners) didn't have the knowledge to respond to the questions.  Kyle reviewed the responses to the membership survey.
        • Long discussion about reviewing the strategic plan.  Breakout groups. Kyle brought everyone back together and started the discussion about how to revise the document.  Jennifer takes notes on the notepad.   Kyle will be putting these into the final copy and sharing with the Board and the general membership.
    • Kyle shared information about Google Drive.
      • Due to length of the strategic planning discussion, Kyle cut this short. 
      • He stated that we will use Google Drive in the future to maintain files and communication. 
      • He will send information to Board members via email about this.  He also included a handout with simple instructions for getting started.
    • Ashley discussed the need for a Master Calendar for all Board positions. 
      • This will help new Board members know when certain things need to be completed during the course of the year.
      • Ashley presented the idea for the draft calendar.
    • Ashley discussed the new website.
      • Based on feedback from other stats school psych associations, Ashley would like the Board to consider using a service called Wild Apricot to host our website. 
      • This format is a modern format, which allows for customization and many drag-and-drop features.  The benefits of this platform were discussed. 
      • Ashley demonstrated some of the features of the platform.
      • The cost will be about $70 per month.  Domain costs will be separate. 
      • Primary benefits of this site will allow for ecommerce, membership database management, multiple account managers, and email services.
      • The Board agreed to move forward with this venture.  Ashley would like to create website advisory group which will determine the next steps for web development.
    • Breakout Sessions
      • I attended the Regional Directors discussion.  We helped Desiree to get started.  Kyle joined our group.  Discussed process of collaboration with members in our regions.
      • The newsletter group reported on their calendars.  Discussion on when to request articles from officers, recurring topics, resources, summary of the minutes.
      • The newly formed website group shared initial goals for the website.  Some of the current goals: Copying information from our current site to the new site, creation of online discussion forums, finally hosting online webinars, social media links, information about important legislation/current events, job board, membership lists, award winners listing, and information about how to obtain an NCSP.
    • Kyle shared quarterly goals for the organization.
    • Kyle shared information about the Spring Board meeting.
      • The next meeting will May 5th.  The Board will meet the night before the Spring Workshop, rather than immediately after as in previous years. 
      • No meal will be provided to the Board members this time, so plan to eat in advance of the Board meeting.
    • The Board set the registration costs for the Spring Workshop
      • $50 per KASP members.
      • $100 for nonmembers.
      • $40 per participant for a team of 3 or more (member or nonmembers).
Meeting adjourned at 15:22.

The image below shows Past President (Ashley) passing the gavel to the new President (Kyle).
Ashley passing the President's gavel to Kyle.

KASP Winter "Retreat"

posted Jan 18, 2016, 2:25 PM by Jason Wright   [ updated Jan 18, 2016, 8:24 PM ]

As a KASP Board member, I have an inside look at how the KASP Executive Board makes decisions.  I realize that the KASP Board is not a highly visible organization, so I thought I'd make a special post about this recent Board meeting in order to share with you a little about what the KASP Board does at our meetings.  My next post will be a summary of the Board meeting minutes.  However, this entry is only to tell you a little about the Winter "Retreat".

In case you didn't know, the KASP Board meets quarterly.  In the winter of every year, the KASP Board has a special planning meeting (it's called a "retreat" for some reason.... but, I assure you it's not a vacation in Paris!) We take a look at the progress we've made during the past year, develop new goals for the coming year, and review the long-term plans KASP has established.

The retreat is spread over two days.  This year, we started the meeting on a Friday night, and finished the meeting around 3:30 on Friday afternoon.  Don't worry, we did get to sleep in between!  Friday night is the first time that new Board members participate with the Board.  We take part of Friday's meeting to thank our exiting Board members for their service.  This year, our outgoing president Ashley had a goal of getting through all the old business on Friday night, which we did.

On Saturday morning, the new Board members officially begin their duties.  Exiting Board members are invited to stay and participate.  We use Saturday as a day to discuss KASP's progress on the Strategic Plan and address any new business on the agenda.  This year, we had a special presentation by our outgoing University Trainer Representative, Jennifer.  This year, we also spent some time speaking about another important issue - the KASP website.  (The short version is that we're getting a new website host which will finally allow us to make some great improvements to our online presence.) 

KASP Board meetings are open meetings, meaning anyone is welcome to attend.  For more information about what KASP can do to support students in schools, please contact me or another KASP Board member.

SKRM 2015

posted Oct 1, 2015, 6:25 AM by Jason Wright   [ updated Nov 19, 2015, 6:14 AM ]

The Southeast Kansas Regional Meeting of the Kansas Association of School Psychologists will take place on November 12th, 2015.  This takes place during NASP's School Psychology Awareness Week.

Our location this year will be the same as last year; we will meet at the Southeast Kansas Education Service Center (Greenbush) near in Girard, KS (map).  Registration will be limited to the first 25 participants.  You do not need to be a KASP member to register.  Registration is free and lunch is included for no additional charge. 

To register, please follow this link.  You'll be asked to create an account to register using this system.  (The account is required to register for any Greenbush events.  If you will be attending other events hosted by Greenbush in the future, you can use this account to register for those events as well.  If you've already created a Greenbush registration account then you can use that account to register for SKRM 2015.)

Presenters and Topics:
  • Dr. David Hurford (Pittsburg State University)
    • Clinical identification of dyslexia
    • Treatment/intervention options
    • Services available to students and families at PSU
  • Mrs. Sarah Lange, LMSW, LAC (Four County Mental Health Center)
    • Suicide risk factor identification
    • Crisis diversion training using the QPR model
  • Dr. Garry Wickerd (Pittsburg State University)
    • Functional analysis assessment

The agenda for the day is provided below. 

May Board Meeting Notes

posted May 21, 2015, 1:17 PM by Jason Wright

It's the last day of school in one of my districts, and the second-to-last day in another.  Let me tell you, there's not a lot of academic instruction happening today.  I've wrapped up the bulk of what I needed to accomplish prior to leaving for the summer.  As such, I'm taking a little time out of my day to type up my notes from the May 15th Executive Board meeting. 

The Board met following the presentation by Dr. Feifer about the neuropsychology of reading.  If you weren't able to attend, you missed a good day of learning!  From my quick count, I saw six school psychologists from our region who attended.

  • Review of Conference
    • Board discussed that extending the deadline for conference registration was a smart idea.  We had enough late registrations to effectively break even this year.  It was not the turnout that we had hoped to see, but at least we aren't going to be losing money.  The information presented will benefit students in Kansas, regardless of the cost.
    • Discussed that moving the event to an earlier date next year would be helpful.  Board members expressed that other school psychologists could not attend because it is a busy time of year with many graduations, end-of-year deadlines, etc.  Next year the the spring conference will be held May 6th (so mark that in your calendars!) 
    • See section below from the Executive Director.
  • President (Ashley)
    • Fall 2015 Conference will be October 8th and 9th.
    • Steven Brock and Melissa Reeves will be the key speakers.
    • Breakout sessions are still under development. 
      • One session will be on assessment of ESOL students, and another breakout session about social/emotional learning.
      • A third breakout session is still to be determined. (If you know of a topic or presenter, let the board know!)
    • Fall 2016 Conference
      • Primary speaker will be Sam Ortiz. 
      • Looking for secondary speaker.
  • Communications Director (Brandi)
    • Presented board members with a sample of sticky notes with the KASP logo on them.  These will be purchased for use in goody bags for future attendees, or other related uses.  It's a simply product, but what school psychologist doesn't like sticky notes?!
    • So far, we have no zero submissions for the Edna Harrison award, or the other awards presented as the KASP conference.  Despite sending an announcement on the ECSET email distribution list, still no responses.
      • Discussed possibly putting the award form online, as a fillable form.  By making the nomination process simpler, it may encourage more people to complete the nomination form.  No final decision was made. 
  • Executive Director (Keely)
    • The tentative totals from the current conference (Dr. Feifer/May 15, 2015) indicate that we will have collected about $2400 from current KASP members, and about $950 from nonmembers.  This brings the gross income from the conference to about $3350. 
    • We currently have 88 KASP members in the state of Kansas.
  • Regional Directors
    • Western Region (Dave)
      • Not present.  Kyle reported on Dave's behalf.
      • 29 attendees at the regional meeting.
    • Northeast Region (Lisa)
      • Current regional director resigned.  The President will offer the position to the individual who ran against Lisa during elections.
      • Read a resignation letter from Lisa.  She appreciates the time she has spent on the board.  Lisa did attend the conference, but did not stay for the board meeting.
    • Southeast (Jason)
      • Nothing to report. See old business below.
    • Central  (Judy)
      • Not present.  No report provided.
  • Governmental Relations (Jenny)
    • Nothing new to report.  She has had no contact with NASP, and would like to have some.  Requested that the board provide her with assistance on getting information from NASP.  Board members discussed suggestions for how to complete those connections.
  • NASP Delegate (Charlie)
    • This will be her last board meeting.  Sad face.
    • She introduced Coleen Riley, who will be attending future KASP board meetings in order to represent KSDE.  Coleen also indicated she was happy to be invited to attend and looks forward to working with KASP in the future.
    • Reminded the board members about NASP Summer Conferences.  They are geared toward practitioners in the field who need help with school psychology.  Other NASP conferences have information for people other than practitioners (grad students, behavior analysts, etc.)  The summer conferences are designated to help school psychologists improve their practice.  
  • SPAN (Susan)
    • Continued the discussion Jenny started.  No news to report.  Looking for more help from NASP.
  • Webmaster (Jim)
    • Reminded regional directors that if CPDs will be offered for attending regional meetings to make sure procedures are followed.  Certain things must be present in order to offer CPDs.
    • Discussed the possibility of not being so involved with the website as he transitions to his new role as the NASP Delegate.  He would like to see the other officers begin to update the website. 
    • Discussed options for creating other administrator roles with the website hosting company.  This would allow other individuals to have administrator privileges and add/modify content without him being involved.
  • Conference Chair (Judy)
    • Fall 2015 Conference
      • Melissa Reeves will speak on Thursday, all day.
      • Breakouts will happen Friday morning.  Still seeking a third breakout option (maybe autism or Down Syndrome information?)
      • Steven Brock will close the conference on Friday afternoon.
    • Fall 2016 Conference
      • Dates are October 13th and 14th.
  • University Training Representative
    • Her first meeting; she's excited to be a part of it.
    • Introduced the student representative who was joining the meeting via Skype.
    • Both the trainer and representative asked for clarification of their role within the board.  Neither of them had input for the board at this time.
  • Old Business
    • Continued the discussion about changing the regional boundaries.
      • President reminded the board that Jason had previously suggested redrawing the regional boundaries.  Board discussed options and decided to table the idea until all regional directors could participate in the discussion.)
      • Jason indicated that he had been asked if members should register by where they work or where they live.  The consensus is that members would be given the choice how to register. 
      • No decisions were made.
  • New Business
    • Ashley presented that she has digitized the Strategic Plan.  They plan had previously been handwritten on large sheets of paper.  This will allow the plan to be shared easier with stakeholders.
    • Asked the board to create a Vision Statement for KASP.  We currently don't have one.  Ashley explained the reason for the statement, and offered examples.  Board discussed and agreed to accept "Empowering children and youth for success through their lifelong journey."
    • Ashely would like to assign specific responsibilities/persons to complete certain aspects of the Strategic Plan.  No assignments were made today.  These people would also be responsible for updating the timelines on the current plan.
    • Ashley introduced the idea of using Google Nonprofit as a method for storing KASP documents and for our general use as an organization.  This idea was quickly dismissed because KASP is not a nonprofit organization.  We may still utilize Google Drive (or other file-sharing service) to host our files.
    • Next board meeting date will be August 8th, 2015 in Salina.

January 2015 Board Meeting Notes

posted Jan 10, 2015, 8:10 PM by Jason Wright   [ updated Jan 10, 2015, 8:10 PM ]

It's Saturday, January 10th, 2015 and I'm home from the annual KASP Board "retreat".  The retreat officially starts the new year for the KASP organization and also is a time for the Board to look back on the successes we have had in the previous year.  We welcomed two new faces to the KASP Board, and a few of our current members took new roles within the Board.  As for me, I am remaining your Southeast Kansas Regional Director, and I look forward to continuing to serve in this role.

I have taken a few moments to type of some unofficial notes from the meeting.  I hope that you are able to review these notes and take pride in knowing that KASP is working hard to serve school psychologists and students in Kansas.

  • Fall 2014 Conference Review
    • Many attendees who used purchase orders have not paid.  Currently about $5,600 still unpaid.  Most of that money has been invoiced and payment should be coming soon.
    • Hotel costs were $12,000.
    • Overall conference rating was 4.43 (out of 5)
    • Common suggestions for future topics/presentations: autism identification training (AIT), assessment-specific training (such as new WISC-V training), tips for evaluating low SES or ESOL populations, neuropsychology, practical intervention ideas
  • Future Convention Locations, Dates, and Speakers of Note
    • Spring 2015 – May 15th
    • Fall 2015 – Kansas City – October 8th and 9th – Melisa Reeves and Stephen Brock
    • Fall 2016 – Manhattan – October 13th and 14th – Sam Ortiz
    • Fall 2017 – Lawrence – October 5th and 6th
    • Fall 2018 – Unconfirmed, but likely in Wichita
  • The updated constitution and board member duties aren’t online.  They need to be available.  Webmaster will correct this.
  • The Board should create a “new board member” packet of information.  New board members really don’t get any information about their duties until January.  They were elected in October.  That’s a fair amount of time they could be serving KASP, but they don’t know the roles.  New member packets will introduce board member to their roles prior to first board meeting.
  • New members met with their predecessors.  I met with the other regional directors.  We discussed the process of locating our constituents and the possible need to redraw the regional boundaries.
  • The Board needs to write a better description of the Executive Manager position.
  • The Board needs to get new board members access to social media accounts (if the Board member will need to post information on social media.)
  • Past President: Lead the Board in a presentation about “One Way and Two Way” information sharing. 
  • NASP Delegate: wants to organize a “Kansas Night” for anyone attending NASP in Orlando this year.  If you’re going, let her know so that she can tell you where to meet the Kansas delegation.
  • Regional Directors: 
    • SEK – First regional meeting report.  43 attendees, which was 2x more than the goal.  Most attendees were very pleased and encouraged by the meeting. 
    • NEK – Lawrence will host a regional meeting.
    • Regional Directors again mentioned wanting to redraw the regional boundaries.  SEK Director has already started this process.  All Directors will collaborate via email to propose new divisions.
  • The Board reviewed progress on our strategic plans.  We have accomplished the majority of our goals.  Some yet to be accomplished by Spring 2016.
  • Several free trainings are available for regions or individual districts.  Examples include: GLSEN, Autism Society of the Heartland, and the Down Syndrome Guild of Kansas City.

SEK Regional Meeting Registration is open!

posted Aug 26, 2014, 6:55 AM by Jason Wright   [ updated Nov 7, 2014, 6:18 AM ]

Registration is open for the 2014 Southeast Kansas School Psychologist's Regional Meeting!

Please click here to register!  [Registration is now closed.]

KASP Summer Board Meeting Reflection

posted Aug 16, 2014, 9:36 PM by Jason Wright

I just returned from the "Summer" KASP board meeting.  I say "summer" because it's hard for me conceptualize summer as ongoing while teachers and students are already engaged in their fall semester.  In one of my school districts, students have already began attendance.  In the other district, they start on Monday (I'm writing this on a Saturday evening.)  Regardless of my challenge to accept the vernacular, our "summer" board meeting is finished, and I have some information to share with you.
  1. Our annual KASP fall conference will be held on October 16th and 17th, 2014 in Lawrence, KS.  Much more information will be shared on KASP's conference information page.  Registration for the conference is available online.
  2. The Board voted to change language in our governing documents which defines the membership year as 365 calendar days. We have been operating under a calendar year membership type (Jan 1 to Dec 31).  The decision to make the change is largely due to need to simplify membership options with our ongoing website updates. 
    1. As part of this change to our membership year, once a KASP member has paid, they will have online access to secured areas of the KASP website for the remainder of their membership term. 
    2. Making this change also allows our website to conduct the membership management automatically, rather than requiring Board members to manually update membership rosters.
  3. You may have caught reference to "secured areas" in the above item.  One of The Board's long-term goals has been to enable online professional development content through our website.  Currently, all pages on the site are open to everyone, with the small exception that you must be logged into the site in order to make payments (both for membership and conference registration.)  Even then, you would not have to be a paid member, you just need to create an account with KASP.  In the future, we hope to allow different membership levels (free, general member, premium member, etc) in order to provide online trainings through the website.
  4. Kansas Senate Bill 367 has caused a great deal of concern for some school districts in Kansas.  Briefly explained, the bill restricts the way that student data is shared with third parties.  While that generally sounds like a good idea, the problem exists when data is collected and stored from testing companies without parental permission.  For many school psychologists, a large amount of data is housed offsite (AIMSweb, IEP documentation, Q-Interactive, etc.) which certainly raises red-flags and caution signs as our work continues to move to more digital assessment formats and scoring systems. 

I also shared information with the Board about our upcoming SEK Regional Meeting.  Several Board members expressed their excitement about our meeting and verified my suspicion that this will be our first-ever such attempt.  I'm pleased to work with school psychologists in southeast Kansas who value the opportunity to meet and share ideas and concerns about our profession.  Registration for our regional meeting isn't yet available.  Stay tuned!

Southeast Kansas Regional Meeting Information

posted Jun 5, 2014, 7:46 AM by Jason Wright   [ updated Nov 7, 2014, 6:19 AM ]

Our Southeast Kansas Regional Meeting registration is open!  Please make plans to attend!
  • Location: Greenbush, the Southeast Kansas Educational Service Center in Girard, KS.
  • Date: Thursday, November 13th, 2014  (That's during School Psychology Awareness Week!)
  • Time: 9:00am to 11:00am.  Lunch will follow, for anyone who wishes to stay a little longer. 
  • Registration/Cost: Free!  You just need to register.  REGISTER ONLINE HERE [Registration is now closed.]
    • Registration will unofficially close on Monday, November 3rd. 
    • (You can still register after that date, but I can't promise you'll have a name badge created in time!)
For the full event agenda and details, check out the official 2014 Southeast Kansas Regional Meeting webpage.  :)

KASP's First Spring Conference - Dr. Dawn Flanagan

posted Jun 5, 2014, 7:41 AM by Jason Wright   [ updated Jun 5, 2014, 7:46 AM ]

KASP will be hosting a spring workshop this year!  This is the first time (in the Board's memory) that KASP has elected to host a spring event.  This year's topic and presenter is none other than the highly respected Dr. Dawn Flanagan, who is best known for her work in the development of the "Flanagan Model" of the Patterns of Strengths and Weaknesses (PSW) interpretation using Cross-Battery Assessment.

Dr. Flanagan will be presenting at Emporia State University on May 2nd, 2014.  The registration cost for current KASP members is only $40.  Nonmembers will be charged $80.

KASP is very excited to bring this wonderful opportunity to the school psychologists in our state.  Pre-registration is required, and is capped at 200 individuals.  No registrations will be accepted at the door.  [Hint, sign up early!]  For more details, please read the information posted on the KASP website.

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