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About Me

My name is Jason Wright.  I am a trained and licensed school psychologist working in the state of Kansas.  I am currently serving as the Southeast Regional Representative for the Kansas Association of School Psychologists.

My educational background is slightly different than many school psychologists.  I actually have a teaching degree, and began my university studies to become an elementary teacher.  As you're probably aware male elementary teachers are far less common than their female colleagues.  Of those that do exist, far fewer later decide to become a school psychologist.

As an undergraduate student, I earned a Bachelor's Degree in Elementary Education and a minor in Psychology.  As a graduate student, I earned a Master's degree in General Psychology.  I continued my education to obtain a Educational Specialist (Ed.S) degree in School Psychology and am continuing my studies to earn a Master's degree in Teaching.  I someday hope to become an elementary school principal.

I hold a personal/professional interest in the use of educational technology (commonly called Ed Tech) within the school system.  I also am interested in the realm of Assistive Technology (commonly referred to as AT) which is often used with students receiving special education and related services both for motor and communication disabilities.  Federal law (IDEA) requires that the use of assistive technology be considered when developing a student's IEP.  While some districts see this as little more than crossing-off-a-checkbox on a form, I see it as a vital and highly-effective method of securing the resources students need to succeed.

Another of my personal/professional interests is in animal therapy.  I would love to someday be able to use a therapy dog in my work in the school system, particularly with students with intellectual and emotional disabilities.
Undergraduate Degree: Elementary Education (K-6)
Graduate Programs: MS General Psychology, Ed.S. School Psychology

Student Teaching Placement: Weir, Kansas (USD 247)
School Psychology Practicum: Pittsburg, Kansas (USD 250)
School Psychology Internship: Cherryvale, Kansas (USD 447) and Independence, Kansas (USD 446)
Additional Information: I grew up on five-acres in rural Columbus, KS.  I was very actively involved in the Kansas 4-H program while growing up, and fully support the mission of 4-H today.  My father died of a brain tumor when I was 17.